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Old Turkish Ushak Rug

Old Turkish Ushak Rug enlarge image
  • Old Turkish Ushak Rug
  • Old Turkish Ushak Rug
  • Old Turkish Ushak Rug
  • Old Turkish Ushak Rug
17′5″ x 16′2″ - 5.30 x 4.93 mt. (Wool On Wool) RUG# USYNTB007164
$ 71,600
A very large antique Ushak rug with a central medallion, so characteristic of the old Ushak weave. This Antique Turkish Ushak Rug is a vibrant representation of amazing old Turkish rug craftsmanship. These rugs were woven with large scale patterns. Deep reds, the lustrous silky wool are highly complementary and create a delicate feel, which is the hallmark of the old Ushak rugs. This fabulous antique Ushak rug is a breathtaking piece in excellent condition. DETAILS
  • Made In Turkey
  • Thickness: 6 mm. (approx.)
  • Knot density: 103 kpsl (approx.)
  • Each one-of-a-kind item will feature unique variations
  • Free shipping on all orders
To maintain the condition and extend the life of your rug, vacuum regularly and try our organic cleaning solutions. For hard-to-remove stains professional care is recommended, contact ORIENT HANDMADE CARPETS.


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