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Tribal Caucasian Soumak Rug

Tribal Caucasian Soumak Rug enlarge image
  • Tribal Caucasian Soumak Rug
  • Tribal Caucasian Soumak Rug
  • Tribal Caucasian Soumak Rug
  • Tribal Caucasian Soumak Rug
9′10″ x 7′2″ - 2.99 x 2.19 mt. (Wool On Wool) RUG# SMYNKL019940
$ 11,900
Soumaks are made in Iran, Caucasus and Turkish Anatolia featuring ancient symbols, small birds and geometric animals. When weaving the soumak, the horizontal threads are wrapped on the vertical threads. This creates a stitch brocade appearance. The technique involves wrapping coloured weft threads over and under the warp threads, adding strength and distinctive texture. Soumak rugs have a lot of depth which is achieved through this unique weaving technique that also includes part knotting, part weaving and part embroidery. These outstanding rugs are highly decorative and diverse textile pieces that work well both with modern and traditional furnishings. DETAILS
  • Made In Persia
  • Thickness: 2-5 mm. (approx.)
  • Knot density: kpsl (approx.)
  • Each one-of-a-kind item will feature unique variations
  • Free shipping on all orders
To maintain the condition and extend the life of your rug, vacuum regularly and try our organic cleaning solutions. For hard-to-remove stains professional care is recommended, contact ORIENT HANDMADE CARPETS.


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